Meet ups

Join us each month as we meet up in person with other local guides in Toronto.

If you are interested in organizing a meet up contact the moderators at least 1 month in advance to be included in the Toronto Local Guides community events.   In 2017 we recommend you attend more than one meet up and work with a meet up organizer to ensure you don’t cancel your meet up at the last minute.

In 2016 we had over 36 meet ups and we plan to have another 36 this year.  33 of the 36 meet ups in 2016 were organized by the moderators of Toronto Local Guides – Rick Trus & Sydney Eatz.

Rick and Sydney founded Toronto local guides in April 2016 and have grown it to the largest Google Local Guides community in Canada, and one of the top communities in the world.

Upcoming 2017 

Toronto Comicon meet up (currently organizing)

Taste and try – Samosa’s

Taste and try – Belgian Cuisine

Taste and try – Ukrainian / Polish / Russian Cuisine

Taste and try – Mauritian Cuisine



Meet up – Cancelled organizer Prachy Mohan


Hunger Heroes meet up – Melissa Bessey organizer

Buffer Festival meet up 

Connected Plus meet up

Profusion meet up


Brewery Tour meet up

Logo Competition

Techweek meet up

Seneca College Pizza meet up

Tim Horton sampler meet up

Seneca Global Network meet up

CN Tower Photo Contest

Seneca College back to school meet up

Apple Computer headquarters meet up

Patrick Flowers – 2016 Summit meet up

Hack the North meet up

Newco meet up

Toronto Local Guides – TV Series meet up

Pokemon Go meet up

Google Canada headquarters meet up

Youtube Fanfest meet up

Toronto beer festival meet up

Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) Photo Contest

Chin Picnic meet up – Local Guides Day

New vintage festival meet up – Local Guides Day

Honda Indy photo contest

Youth Day meet up – Melissa Bessy organizer

Mac & Cheese festival meet up

Quidditch Bootcamp – Toronto Local Guides Quidditch team tryouts.

Harry Potter Improv

Potters day brunch meet up

CN Tower photo contest

CN Tower – Edgewalk

April Ice Breaker – Distillery district

April Ice Breaker – Three Brewers

Meet ups in 2016 included Picnics, Quidditch, Improv, PottersDay (Harry Potter Day), Video meet ups, photography meet ups, Pizza meet ups, Icebreaker meet ups, taste and try meet ups, Brewery tours, Apple headquarters meet up, Google headquarters meetup, a television series meetup, Pokemon meet up, Rogers headquarters meet up, Youtube Fanfest meet up, Tech week meet up, and we look forward to more meet ups in 2017.