How Google and Digital Main Street can help drive traffic to your location for free

Think about this – when you are hungry, and in a rush, and in a new location – Did you use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to find a local place to eat?   More likely you used Google search.   Each day 700 million searches on Google are related to finding physical locations, and 97% of consumers search online for local businesses using Google Maps, and not just restaurants businesses that have a physical location.

So how do you tap into these 700 million location based searches per day each day for free?

Toronto Local Guides will be helping Digital Main Street and local businesses in Toronto to add 360 interior photo’s of businesses at no cost.   These 360 photo’s will appear on Google Maps and Streetview – putting businesses in front of customers searching for locations in Toronto.   This initiative is part of Toronto Local Guides mandate which part of the official Google Local Guides Program.   .

Richard Trus

Google Trusted Photographer

Moderator – Toronto Local Guides

“Most viewed photographer in Canada – 217 million views”

“Location, Location, Location!” used to be the mantra of real estate and now it’s the mantra of successful businesses who use Google search to connect potential customers to businesses close to their physical location.

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